Mza of #capcom
Other Nicks: Mza619 on Bnet =)
Real Name: Merill Ronquillo
Age: 18
Birthday: 9-21-80

Hey SFers. It's me, the pad scrub. I started playing Street Fighter when it came to the SNES. I used to think I was a SF pimp until a humiliating defeat at the hands of yuta sent me into seclusion =( I started playing again when SFA2 came out, learning a few tricks from the Versus guide. Currently, A2 and A3 are my favorites. I spend my time either playing Brood War or doing slave labor for Choi, recording combos and testing weird stuff only he can come up with. That's all done on a pad, might I add (yay, I sound like Mother Goose). I've never been to a tournament (scrub) but when I do go, don't expect anything special out of me, as I suck with an arcade stick. That's about enough ranting. E-mail anything you want me to try out on the PSX Street Fighters, such as combos or glitches, and I'll try to get you an mpeg. Other than that, I'm ghost.

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