Ow!!  Don't touch us....
Meet the people of #capcom! This list is organized by nick so they're easier to find. If you want anything added or removed from this page, then mail me. Oh yeah, pictures are our friends. If you have them, send them in!!!

A3Player al`Thor aumgn
A-Sakura BennyBoy Calipower
ChoiBoy Chun-Li CigarBoB
FUSON909 GoodRoots gUMBy77
Gunter GYL Javi
JumpsuitJesse JesseLee Kuro
Mitsi MrWizard Mza
NuRegul8r Omni Peas
Rairu RedGouki Recoom
scir SirMax SonofShao
Strider Teioh Tin
Tigeraid Tobias tragic
Yammy Zeruel ^_^x