Chun-Li of #capcom
Other Nicks: Cammy, Karin, Deedlit, EmmaFrost, NukuNuku, subject to change on a weekly (daily?) basis
Real Name: atashi no namae wa himitsu da! (points for you if you know what I just said)
Age: 19
Birthday: 7-14-79

Hi boys! Um... this is my profile. I like street fighter and stuffs... um... hee hee... I'm more than a little shy in real life. I hang out in northern california, at the splendiferous university of california at Berkeley. My favorite game currently is probably... um... wait a sec. I don't have one. ^_^ I really like 3rd Strike, even though lots of people say it sucks. I also like Vs games, though people say they suck too. I like Alpha 3, and people say it sucks... hmm... notice a pattern here? Anyway, if you really wanna know more about me, I'm an artist and a writer, and a programmer (but more emphasis on the programmer than anything else, since that's basically my major in college). Um...check out my home page at ^_^ hee hee... I'm out of things to say, so... um... drop me a line sometime or something. ^_^ Oh yes... and I'm a scrub. Plain and simple. Nobody dares say I'm not! You haven't seen me play!!

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