aumgn of #capcom

Other Nicks: M_Robot
Real Name: Matt Russell
Age: 19
Birthday: 12-27-79

I'm a designer (web & print) trying, ever so slowly to get a record deal.
So if you're a producer or something check out my site
( I know it's outdated, I promise I'll update
it soon! Also if you have any connections in the furniture business,
contact me. I've got some GREAT designs. I own a bunch of arcade games,
my favorites include Pole Position, the Mr. Do! series, and ST. Also, if
you want to fund a good film project email me, I've got some shorts (many
of which will go on my webpage soon :) and I need some major funding for
full length I'm writing a script for. I like SF, but it's not my life,
and I don't frequent arcades. So... I think that's everything.

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