^_^x of #capcom
Other Nicks: None
Real Name: Michael Lee Rodriguez
Age: 19
Birthday: 10-7-80
E-mail: jns-arcadian@home.com

Hi, Iím the power made flesh undisputed champion of Northern Virginiaís ass kicking arcade, GameTime Family Fun Center. I simply shred all competition at any capcom game in the place. I play for fun only so I am not a turtler nor a top tier whore. ( thatís why you never see me win or play tournies, plus I crack under pressure). Our arcade will be receiving Final Lap 2 plus Cadillacs and Dinosaurs for play test soon so if any Cali guys wanna stop by and try out the latest the East coast has to offer feel free too. My fav games include Rise of the Robots 2, Criticom on PSX, and Psychic Force arcade. Iím an avid Dreamcast fan and a Playstation/DC tech!

I often spend time hanging with the Northern VA nerds at GT (darick, tommykid, alíthor, kikin) and frequently stop in the chan to catch up with the times. Currently, training in Chinese boxing and working retail biz to save money for a super computer to take over the world with b4 attending college for ccna. Thatís about it for now. Just thought Iíd throw some text together to go with my pic. Check ya later.

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