Calipower of #capcom
Other Nicks: None
Real Name: Alex Valle
Age: 2O
Birthday: Not supplied

Wassup meigns....for those of ya's that dont know what meign means... then u gotta check out the rooms me and the fellow IRC'ers kick at... (sf3,gamenation,and now vfhome) I play all the most popular fighting games such as SF,VF,MK,KoF,Tekken,etc. I work and play at Southern Hills Golfland in Stanton,California...ahem not LA but OC. I loove the competition so if ur in town and wanna challenge or just wanna kick it, ask for me at Golfland. I've been playin the SF series since classic but started tournament play on the Alpha series. I started Tekken since part 2 and lost my first but won my second tourney on Tekken3. As for VF3, I'm learnin it as u read this!! So if ya could.. pleez email me any suggestions, tips, hints, cheats, or other kinda help on VF3. Well meigns...i'm outzzz. Shout outs go to all TCP's (Team Cali Players) and all other East/West Coast players that keep video games fun and competitive. Latezzz alex valle

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