A3Player of #capcom
Other Nicks: A3Rolento
Real Name: Jim N.
Age: 20
Birthday: Not supplied
E-mail: shinjn@yahoo.com

Hello fellow roamers #capcom. I am A3Player... a local of Southern Cali and IRC channel #capcom. From my nick, you probably assume I play only Alpha 3. Nope =) - I have been playing Street Fighter since who knows when... when Fighting Street came out on the Turbo Graphx 16. I have played them all. From the original 1st, to the altered bootleg champion editions, to the alpha series, and the EX series. I haven't had a chance to really play the SF3 series though. Not just enough time to stop by SHGL. College, work, programming... where's the time to chill? My tournament status isn't really that big... a single whopping tourney (A3) at SHGL =) Of course... I entered on a basis of little skill of the game and loss... hehe. Anyway, e-mail sometime at the addy above. I am working on a webpage right now and it should be up by Y2K. But who would look at it at that time anyway? Either half of the computers in the world will die or people will be running around like scattered ants. Then again, people will probably be just partying. I guess that's all I have to say. Late!

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